Top 10 Online Platforms for Japanese Language Learning in 2023

If you’re ready to get online to start your Japanese learning journey, look no further. We’ve assembled a list of the top 10 online platforms to enhance your Japanese language skills. Some offer comprehensive learning experiences, while others focus on specific aspects of the language, like vocabulary or grammar. No matter if you are a beginner, or if you just need to brush up on specific skills, with these resources, you’ll be well on your way to learning Japanese. 

Take advantage of these incredible resources and learn Japanese without the need for expensive language schools or travel. Let’s dive in!

Bunpo (All levels)

Bunpo is an excellent resource for learning Japanese on the go. The app focuses on helping you master Japanese grammar through engaging lessons and quizzes. The lessons are all expertly designed so you can slowly progress your Japanese, from beginner, all the way up to advanced. The explanations are in English, and easy to understand, so even if you are a beginner you can get started making Japanese sentences right away. Since this app focuses mostly on grammar, it can give you the foundation you need to excel in the language from day one. 


LingoDeer (All levels)

LingoDeer offers not only Japanese but other languages, all curated in an enjoyable way. The platform offers expertly curated lessons to help you master grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening skills. Check out the LingoDeer blog for valuable insights on language learning and various cultures. For mobile users, the LingoDeer app is highly recommended.


Duolingo (Beginner to intermediate)

Duolingo is a renowned language-learning platform offering free, game-like lessons in Japanese. The friendly owl mascot, Duo, will accompany you throughout your learning journey. With both a website and a mobile app, Duolingo is perfect for those who want to learn Japanese anywhere.


Online Japanese Accent Dictionary (OJAD) (All levels)

To improve your pronunciation and sound like a native speaker, turn to OJAD—an online Japanese accent database for learners and teachers alike. Use the tools provided to help improve your accent and intonation, helping you sound more natural when you speak in Japanese.

Link: (Beginner to intermediate) is a dynamic platform that makes learning Japanese engaging and fun. The website turns language learning into a game, allowing you to practice vocabulary and Kanji while earning points. Each lesson is structured to ensure steady progress, catering to learners from beginners to advanced levels. The site uses English instructions for easy understanding, even for those just starting out with Japanese. By making language learning fun, offers a unique way to strengthen your vocabulary and Kanji comprehension effectively.


Wasabi (Beginner to intermediate)

Wasabi provides comprehensive lessons to aid you in mastering the Japanese language. The website is dedicated to providing thorough lessons on Japanese grammar, vocabulary, Kanji, and practical tips for using Japanese. Its lessons, all delivered in English, are designed to progress you from beginner to advanced, building your confidence in Japanese along the way. As it covers a wide range of aspects of the language, Wasabi can be your one-stop solution for learning Japanese systematically.


Kanji Alive (intermediate)

Kanji Alive is a unique web application dedicated to the study of Kanji. The website visualizes each Kanji’s stroke order, readings, and meanings, making learning more interactive and intuitive. It serves beginners through advanced learners, using English explanations to guide learners at every step. As it emphasizes the understanding of Kanji, it can help you gain a deep comprehension of this complex aspect of the Japanese language. It’s a fantastic tool to help you master Kanji and understand their role in Japanese.


Italki (All levels)

Italki is a versatile language-learning platform that connects you with professional Japanese teachers and language partners. You can take personalized lessons tailored to your learning goals and current level. The platform supports learners from beginner to advanced, with lessons available in English or Japanese based on your comfort level. By focusing on one-on-one interactions, Italki can enhance your conversational Japanese skills while providing feedback on your progress. It’s the perfect platform for those who want a personalized and interactive approach to learning Japanese.


Tofugu (All levels)

Tofugu is an extensive and well-organized Japanese learning platform that caters to learners from beginner to advanced levels. The platform is particularly strong in grammar instruction, featuring detailed articles in English. Its spin-off, WaniKani, focuses on teaching kanji for a small fee.


Verbs Nihongo (Intermediate to advanced)

This tool focuses on Japanese verb conjugation, a challenging aspect of the language for many learners. You can use it as a dictionary to look up verbs and their various conjugations to help you start making Japanese sentences on your own.


In a time of online learning, these 10 platforms will undoubtedly boost your Japanese language skills and set you on the path to fluency. With a mix of comprehensive and specific learning resources, you’ll have all the tools you need to conquer the language on your own.

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